EZtol – Tolerance Stackup Analysis Made Easy!

As the release of EZtol gets closer many of you are asking what the key features are. We are happy to share those details with you, and to let you know we are still on track for it to be available later this quarter. And you’ll be happy to know we just launched www.eztol.com and will be adding information there, as well as details on how to purchase the software once it is available.

Software Highlights

  • Builds the analysis on top of the 3D design model:
    a. Uses the actual nominal distances between surfaces/features from the design
    b. Helps to ensure all components in the loop are included
    c. Shows the optimum dimensioning scheme for the single analysis
  • Automatically calculates the worst-case, RSS, and statistical results of the analysis. Metrics for statistical results can be reported as: Cpk, Sigma, DPMO, or % Yield.
  •  Lists of contributors sorted from largest to smallest.
  • Define multiple tolerance stackup analyses on the same model.
  •  Provides a summary table showing the objectives and results of each stackup analysis along with a visual indication of whether the requirement has been met.
  • Stores the dimensions, with tolerances, defined for each part so that the user doesn’t have to re-enter them for each loop.   This also allows the automatic updating of all analyses when the user makes a modification to a tolerance used in multiple analyses.
  • Generates detailed report with graphical view of the dimension loop over the models involved and a graphical presentation of results and the top contributors.
  • Provides an indication that the tolerance stackup may not be 1D in nature including a note that the results provided may underestimate the actual variation that will occur during production.
  • Doesn’t utilize CAD license to work with CAD models.
  • Works with files from most major CAD systems!

Learn more at: http://www.eztol.com

Announcing the upcoming release of EZtol

We are thrilled to announce we will be releasing our newest product, EZtol, soon.  We are putting the finishing touches on it and plan for it to be available later this quarter.

What’s EZtol?

EZtol is a 1-Dimensional tolerance stackup analysis program. Today such stackup analyses are defined in spreadsheets, most commonly Microsoft® Excel®, but oftentimes these spreadsheets don’t tell the full story.

But Sigmetrix are experts at 3D tolerance analysis – Why introduce a stand-alone 1D product?

We know not everyone needs, or believes they need, a solution as powerful as CETOL 6σ, so this new solution should be of great interest to Mechanical Designers and Engineers who are involved in CAD-modeling activities. It automates many of the common but time-consuming and often error-prone tasks required for 1D stackup analyses. It provides a more complete picture than traditionally obtained from a spreadsheet calculation and can alert the user in many situations when the tolerance stackup may not be 1D in nature.

Will it work with my CAD system?

YES! EZtol works with files from most major CAD systems, and it does not utilize the CAD license to work on the model.

When can I see it in action?

We are going to be showing it off at seminars and conferences worldwide. First on the list is SOLIDWORKS World, February 5-8, 2017 in LA. We will be in booth #422 and will be showing EZtol off for all the attendees. After that we will be at the National Automobile Quality Geometry Design and Verification Technology Summit Forum in China in March, and the COE 2017 Annual PLM Experience and TechniFair in April.

Also keep an eye out for future emails and check our website or social media pages for more details on this exciting new product.


Learn more at http://www.sigmetrix.com/products/eztol

Sigmetrix will be a Silver Sponsor at SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017 Conference!

Sigmetrix is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017 Conference in Los Angeles! We will be in booth #422 and will be participating in the Passport to Prizes program so make sure to stop by and get your stamp. We will have information, demonstrations and details about CETOL 6σ, the only Certified Gold Partner 3D tolerance analysis software integrated within SOLIDWORKS.

If you want to schedule a meeting with the Sigmetrix team or CEO Chris Wilkes please let us know via our contact form.

Make sure you arrange to attend this years show February 5-8, 2017 . You’ll learn how you can work faster and be more efficient, attend some of the 200+ technical breakout sessions led by SOLIDWORKS users and industry experts, network with more than 5,000 of your peers, Solution Partners, resellers, and SOLIDWORKS employees, and explore the latest in 3D design and technology in the SOLIDWORKS Partner Pavilion. If you haven’t registered yet, you may do so here.

See you there!

MBD & CETOL 6σ Webinar on October 27

webinar-imageJoin us October 27 for a live webinar to see how CETOL 6σ from Sigmetrix can be used by design teams to perform tolerance analyses and update the design models more quickly and accurately than using a spreadsheet. Our latest version, CETOL 6σ v9.0, is incredibly fast, and really easy and intuitive for users of all expertise levels!  Features such as an optimized UI and state-of-the-art help system including practical tutorial videos make analysis definition easier than ever.

Who should join?

  • Anyone who has investigated tolerance analysis packages in the past and found them too difficult to use
  • Previous CETOL 6σ users who found it difficult to return to the software after not having used it for quite some time
  • Anyone who is happy with spreadsheets or tolerance stackups, but would like to understand what a 3D tolerance analysis package can offer
  • Anyone whose company is planning on MBD deployments and would like to see how having tolerance information in the model can dramatically ease the effort require to perform a tolerance analysis
  • Companies who desire more proliferation of CETOL 6σ throughout their organization

During this webinar, our experts will show how CETOL 6σ:

  • Utilizes the CAD model definition to define the desired analysis quickly
  • Provides both statistical and worst-case results
  • Shows the largest contributors to variation and where improvements should be made
  • Provides visual feedback for a better understanding of the impact part variation has on the assembly
  • Automatically updates the tolerance values within the CAD system as tolerances are adjusted
  • Offers extensive help to new and returning users explaining every aspect of the tool

MBD & CETOL 6σ in PTC® Creo®:
October 27 @ 11:00 AM (EDT)

October 27 @ 12:30 PM (EDT)

Cannot make it on October 27? Join anyhow. We’ll make sure you get the recording.

Chris Wilkes Interviewed by PlayMakers Talk Show

PlayMakers Talk Show is all about CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Executives and other PlayMakers who are passionate about making a difference in their industry, their field, their community and their life.

Since 2013, Chris Wilkes has been the CEO of Sigmetrix, a global expert in GD&T (geometric dimension and tolerance) and mechanical variation. The Sigmetrix software is used to analyze the design of products from medical devices to Rolex watches to ensure it’s a robust design that can be manufactured time and time again.

With over 25 years of research and development, Sigmetrix designs, develops, markets and globally supports tolerance analysis solutions used to unite the “ideal” world of product design with the “real” world of manufacturing and assembly.

Formerly Executive VP of Sales and Marketing for Sigmetrix, Chris has over twenty-five years of industry experience building successful software companies and he has led the company to successive years of double-digit revenue growth.

Listen to the interview as Steve and Chris discuss an array of topics including:

  • Sigmetrix’ software
  • Six Sigma quality
  • What’s behind the product recalls we’ve been seeing recently?
  • What are companies missing in product design?
  • Global manufacturing
  • The history of Sigmetrix & what makes Sigmetrix great
  • What’s new and changing in manufacturing worldwide?
  • The internet of things & the digital twin

Sigmetrix’ GD&T Advisor to be integrated into PTC Creo 4.0

It was early on Wednesday when Paul Sagar, VP of Product Management at PTC,  presented a preview of Creo 4.0 at LiveWorx 2016. PTC and Sigmetrix have partnered together so that GD&T Advisor will be embedded directly within PTC Creo 4. With a clear goal of not just Model Based Definition, but a Model Based Enterprise this partnership will make Sigmetrix’ powerful GD&T Advisor technology available to more people and make it more intuitive. This will allow for sharing information semantically downstream, bridging the gap between designing, manufacturing and assembly.

Here is the whole presentation, the comments and preview of the GD&T Advisor extension begin at the 1:35 mark.

Let’s start with model base enterprise. More and more customers are struggling with the burden of working in a 2D-centric environment. Incorrect information or misinterpreted information is resulting in scrap parts or products failures. Inside of the engineering department the enterprise is struggling with missing information or inconsistency between information resulting in wasted time and effort in trying to track that information down. Creo 4 sees a huge investment in addressing these issues. Closing the gaps between ASME and ISO standards, streamlining workflows, stepping the user through the process of adding this rich PMI information onto their 3D models. Now working with our partners at Sigmetrix we’re also introducing a new GD&T Advisor extension that will guide the user through the process of adding his rich semantic GD&T information onto his designs. It will educate the user on the correct and appropriate GD&T for the selected geometry, eliminating the risk of incorrect information. It will also validate that the rich semantic information is correct and conforms to the appropriate standards and will also validate that your model is fully constrained. Reducing the risk of misinterpretation or missing information. Enabling your business to be more productive and create higher quality products.”

The countdown is on!


PTC LiveWorx 2016 officially kicks off tonight. Boston is full of history and a great host town for this years event! Make sure to stop by our booth (B-18) while you’re here. Why?

  1. We will be running demos of CETOL 6σ 9.o, our latest (and greatest) tolerance analysis software integrated directly into your CAD environment.
  2. We will also have demos of GD&T Advisor, the software for fast, easy and accurate creation of your GD&T annotations.
  3. We are also participating in the Passport to Prizes program, so you’ll want to get your card stamped to win some great prizes.
  4. Have us scan your badge and you could win $100!
  5. Lastly, you won’t want to miss our “revolutionary” photo-op… we’ll leave it at that, but you won’t want to miss it!

See you soon!

Join us at PTC LiveWorx 2016 in Boston

boston-tea-teaserWe are pleased to be sponsoring PTC LiveWorx again this year. We are proud to have been the first PartnerAdvantage software partner named by PTC in 1999 and are going to be celebrating as ‘founding partners’ in Boston – home of the founding fathers and of course the infamous Boston Tea Party!

We have a ton in store for you, but you will certainly want to stop by our booth (#B-18) to see the latest version of CETOL 6σ, v9.0. Last year we delivered CETOL 6σ v8.4, which introduced blazing speed to your tolerance analyses. Now, we are introducing CETOL 6σ v9.0 which is still incredibly fast, but now is also really easy and intuitive for users of all expertise levels!

This latest version builds upon the power of CETOL with enhanced functionality that makes it easier than ever to use:

  • Completely updated, modern UI, optimized to make analysis definition easier
  • Multiple layers of user guidance
  • Practical tutorial videos to refresh your understanding
  • Context sensitive, state-of-the-art help system
  • Improved Advisor, showing what you need to do, when you need to do it
  • New assembly states allow for greater flexibility in defining which components to include in each analysis

Stop by Booth B-18 at PTC LiveWorx, June 6 – 9 to see the new version of CETOL 6σ for yourself, and get your Passport to Prizes raffle card stamped, win prizes, and see if you can spot the man in the tricorn hat! If you’d like to arrange a personal demonstration or meeting please email aduma@sigmetrix.com to set up an appointment.

If you haven’t made plans to attend yet you can still register here: http://liveworx.com/

We’ll see you there!


Sigmetrix will be a Gold Sponsor at PTC LiveWorx 2016

Sigmetrix is proud to be a PartnerAdvantage Software Partner with PTC®, and to be a Gold Sponsor of this years LiveWorx event.

LiveWorx 2016 will take place June 6-9 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, MA. Cutting-edge manufacturers, product development and service professionals, IoT innovators, and developers and visionaries from around the globe will engage in meaningful conversations with 5,000+ peers and experts. Hear real-world approaches & proven best practices as well as strengthen relationships with fellow IoT leaders.

Xtropolis (Expo Hall) is the center of the LiveWorx experience; a place to get inspired and get connected. Around every corner are demonstrations of groundbreaking technologies, unique engagements, and mind-bending surprises. Be sure to stop by our booth (B18) while exploring the Xtropolis. You will be able to see a demo of CETOL 6σ v9.0  – just released this month. You can also check out GD&T Advisor, the same technology that will be embedded within PTC® Creo® 4 is available now, no need to wait until Creo 4 is released!

Plus, don’t miss out on your opportunity to hear exciting keynote presentations from leading tech evangelists, industry luminaries, and buzzworthy headliners like Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of MythBusters fame!

If you haven’t made plans to attend yet you can still register here: http://liveworx.com/


About PTC LiveWorx 16

Today’s IoT technology is shaping the fabric of the future of our world. LiveWorx is the event movement that connects every engineer, entrepreneur, maker, and inventor with a curious mind and an inspired heart.

At LiveWorx, the Premier IoT Business Event, you’ll hear from industry leaders, interact with groundbreaking technology, and transform your business with new IoT possibilities. You won’t just talk about the future of the IoT, you’ll experience real breakthrough technology now.

There’s no limit to what you can discover at LiveWorx 2016. Join the movement.

Chris Wilkes featured at INNEO Seminar about Tolerance Analysis

INNEO-LogoSigmetrix CEO Chris Wilkes gave exclusive insights about the current state of the standards in the tolerance environment at seminars hosted by INNEO in Hanover and Neu-Ulm during the month of March.

Here are his comments:

chris-inneo-seminarAfter the United States, Germany is the second largest market for Sigmetrix, followed by Japan and Sweden. Germany plays a major role for us, as the German manufacturers are commonly known for their deep understanding of the needs for quality.

Not for nothing Sigmetrix and INNEO have been close partners for about twenty years now: First, there is INNEO’s outstanding reputation in the PTC Creo market – and the quality awareness of their customer base related to this. Then, INNEO has excellent engineering resources and they truly understand our products as well as the needs of the customers.

Those were just some reasons why we absolutely wanted to host the German events to announce our new version CETOL 6 Sigma 9.0 together with INNEO. The type of feedback we get from INNEO and their customers is exactly what we need. So we have set a major focus on usability with our new version. Designers need a tool to do it their way and also enables casual users to perform tolerance analyses without having to re-learn the program every time – even if they just use it once in three months. Now, the user is guided by the interface step by step and we have embedded almost 100 video tutorials.

Just recently we also have signed another major partnership with PTC, in that our GD&T Advisor software will be sold as an extension by PTC and the PTC Reseller Network. Some base functionality of GD&T will also be included with the coming PTC Creo 4 standard package. So we have a much deeper integration allowing us to even better support PTC Creo data.

Following Chris’ comments INNEO product manager, Christoph Bruns, showed live how the CAD-integrated tolerance analysis software works.

Would you like to see CETOL 6 in action for yourself?

Register Now for Sigmetrix Webinar