PLM World

Phoenix, AZ

Jun 4th, 2018

Sigmetrix is proud to be an exhibiting partner at PLM World. Siemens PLM Connections brings together PLM World members, partners, and Siemens PLM Software employees looking to forge new connections, expand knowledge, and increase expertise. Attendees represent a variety of industries and job functions, many outside the traditional “user’s group” scope. Find the connection that works for you, but also take advantage of other opportunities through other connections and the full conference.

What You’ll Get

PLM World wants to inspire you to explore data lead efficiencies in the workplace and network with some of the brightest in the industry. A truly invaluable experience.

What You’ll See

Over 400 sessions and hands on training presented by industry leading experts, from around the world demonstrating strategy, integration, improvements, and new ideas.

What to Expect

In 2017, over 2200 PLM World members from over 36 countries joined us – we are expecting even more for 2018. More partners, more knowledge theaters, more peer to peer learning, and even more content!

Learn more and register at: