CAD Talk: Sigmetrix GD&T Hackathon Part Two

Join us for a 3D CIC: Home Edition virtual event on March 3, 2021, to continue our CAD Hackathon discussion! Bring your GD&T questions for live Q&A with the experts.

The discussion continues with a demonstration of GD&T Advisor! GD&T Advisor provides expert guidance on the correct application of GD&T by guiding users through the application of GD&T from within the CAD environment, ensuring standards compliance while greatly improving productivity.

Ryan Gelotte, CTO of Action Engineering, and Stephen Werst, Director of Customer Success & Product Strategy at Sigmetrix, recorded a demonstration of using the tool to apply functional GD&T in Creo for the CAD Hackathon door hinge.

Watch the GD&T Advisor video now, then join Ryan & Stephen for live Q&A. Bring your GD&T questions for an open discussion with the experts!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021
9:30 am Mountain ᛫ 11:30 am Eastern