CETOL 6σ v8.4 has been released!

CETOL 6σ v8.4 has been released! Those who have seen advanced previews have consistently stated “Wow! That’s a huge improvement. You should have called it 9.0.” It dramatically improves the workflow from previous versions – over 13 times faster in one benchmark.

The latest version includes all of the powerful, robust features of the CETOL 6σ architecture, enhanced with functionality that makes it easier than ever to use.  Cutting-edge technology enables product development teams to be able to deliver higher-quality and more precisely engineered products FAST!

CETOL 6σ v8.4 was enhanced to eliminate mundane tasks and automate many common tasks. This will makes CETOL 6σ easier to use for all skill levels.

See CETOL 6σ vs. spreadsheets in a side-by-side comparson:

CETOL 6 Sigma v8.4 for CREO vs. Spreadsheets