Chris Wilkes Interviewed by PlayMakers Talk Show

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Since 2013, Chris Wilkes has been the CEO of Sigmetrix, a global expert in GD&T (geometric dimension and tolerance) and mechanical variation. The Sigmetrix software is used to analyze the design of products from medical devices to Rolex watches to ensure it’s a robust design that can be manufactured time and time again.

With over 25 years of research and development, Sigmetrix designs, develops, markets and globally supports tolerance analysis solutions used to unite the “ideal” world of product design with the “real” world of manufacturing and assembly.

Formerly Executive VP of Sales and Marketing for Sigmetrix, Chris has over twenty-five years of industry experience building successful software companies and he has led the company to successive years of double-digit revenue growth.

Listen to the interview as Steve and Chris discuss an array of topics including:

  • Sigmetrix’ software
  • Six Sigma quality
  • What’s behind the product recalls we’ve been seeing recently?
  • What are companies missing in product design?
  • Global manufacturing
  • The history of Sigmetrix & what makes Sigmetrix great
  • What’s new and changing in manufacturing worldwide?
  • The internet of things & the digital twin