Consumer Products Using GD&T Software

Tolerance analysis in consumer product industry

Using Sigmetrix’ tolerance analysis and GD&T software solutions early in the consumer products design process and concept stages enables designers and engineers to recognize potential problems, find a better design, and produce more reliable, higher-quality products at a lower cost, with dramatically reduced recall and warranty issues.

In the consumer products industry, warranty issues and product recalls are always in the back of designers and manufacturers’ minds. Improving the design and manufacturing processes helps ease those worries. An effective tolerance analysis forecast & review helps ensure that the specifications mandated during the design phase will work down the line in manufacturing, and that the end result – the product, will not only satisfy the consumer’s needs but will do so for the required amount of time at an effective cost.



APPLICATION – Printer Cartridge Assembly using GD&T Software

Objective: To utilize the 3D model to prototype a digital mockup and help mechanical designers to realize their design concepts via highly specialized GD&T software calculations.

Results: 2D tolerance calculations without CETOL 6σ are not sufficient, and using it in the design concept stages helped designers to recognize potential problems and to produce a better design.

APPLICATION – Cellular Phone

Objective:Focus on fit and finish issues, with over 200 measurements addressed. Original 1D analysis not sufficient.

Results: Utilized CETOL 6σ for CATIA to properly analyze product during design phase with GD&T software installed.




APPLICATION – Camera Focus Assembly

Objective: The robustness of CETOL 6σ to handle more complex assemblies was critical in order to analyze the mechanical alignment in the zooming process. The helical cam was having fit issues when turning with the assembly and it was the most sensitive to the overall assembly.

Results: Sensitivity analysis only way to understand the details of the assembly behavior, guiding the engineer through multiple sub-assemblies. GD&T Software provides engineers quick and simplified tolerance reviews during the product design phase.








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