Electronics & Power: Variation Analysis

Companies that design and produce electrical components demand the precision and accuracy that Sigmetrix’ CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis and GD&T Advisor software solutions provide via variation & GD&T analysis.  Reducing the design sensitivity mechanical variation results in greater flexibility in material specifications as well as decreases production failures and costs.

While most electronic devices generally have few moving parts, the assembly of the products is where CETOL 6σ and GD&T Advisor can make all the difference. Various points during manufacture must align correctly in order to test and function properly.

  • Manages complex variation data
  • Helps engineers do engineering and analysis, not just design capture
  • Handle complex mechanisms for variation analysis, geometric tolerance analysis


APPLICATION– Circuit Breaker Project, Variation Analysis solution

Objective: To utilize CETOL 6σ for analysis of complex circuitry and the movement that occurs in the assembly

Result: Movement had to be simultaneous and the clearance and gaps were critical to make the action occur properly. The bottom right drawings show two of the critical measurements that were causing the problems. Both were identified with a CETOL 6σ variation analysis.


APPLICATION – Electronics Connector, Variation Analysis Solution

Objective: Analysis on connector used in explosive device for airbags. Connector is designed to prevent accidental deployment of airbag during installation and to guarantee a connection once the installation is complete.

Results: The top part has many features that snap and lock that must all work together. CETOL 6σ used for variation analysis of alignment and gap analysis. Safety connector assembly analyzed to prevent accidental ignition of air bag during assembly process.


APPLICATION– Electronics Medical Plug Sensor, Manufacturing Variation Solutions

Objectives: To ensure/improve correct performance of plug sensor. Identify key characteristic dimensions, reduce sensitivity of the design to manufacturing variation and to reduce manufacturing costs.

Results: CETOL 6σ analysis revealed multiple positions caused areas for potential damage to the pins. Loose connections resulted in a loss in power and eventual product failure. End result was increased product reliability.