HVAC: Reduction in Prototypes by Assembly Variation with Tolerances Indentified

Keeping your cool in the HVAC industry is no easy task.  With warranty and quality issues always in the picture, industry leaders use CETOL 6σ software for assembly variation & GD&T analysis, to save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by creating more robust, reliable designs. Engineers & parts manufactures depend on GD&T declarations to ensure parts assembly and warranties are viable for longer periods of time.  By identifying the tolerances of various parts during inception and prototyping time to production and final product reduces costs and long term maintenance expenses.

APPLICATION – HVAC Door Seal, Assembly Variation solutions during conception phase of design


Objective: Customer experiencing excessive warranty failures on product. Door on unit did not close properly; negative pressure created, causing water to be sucked into the A/C unit, duct work and the building itself. End result was extensive damage from mold.

Results: CETOL 6σ  variation analysis resulted reduced number of prototype iterations, a more energy-efficient product, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

APPLICATION – Automotive HVAC Mechanism, Assembly Variation During Modeling Phase of Design

Objective: Some complicated cam features were put in plastic parts. Because the space in a car is very tight for design, they needed a complex mechanism to minimize the volume of space taken up in the dash and create more options for car owners to direct air flow.

Results: CETOL 6σ utilized to understand how the cam feature could be redesigned for a more robust design. Stays fully associative to cam surface. Can be modeled in multiple assembly configurations.