Safety and Security Systems: GD and T Software Solution

Whether it’s the safety of a loved one or the security people and property, industry leading companies rely on Sigmetrix’ tolerance analysis and GD and T software solutions to ensure that their designs are robust and their products perform flawlessly, meeting critical, specified safety and security demands.

Sigmetrix’ safety and security systems customers utilize our CETOL 6σ and GD&T Advisor software and training solutions to address multi-dimensional problems, using the modeling, analysis and reporting features.

APPLICATION – Door Lock, GD&T Software Provides Insight for Design Solutions

Objective: Determine design issues with door lock sets

Results: CETOL 6σ analysis determined that assembly nominal was off target. Sensitivity revealed and used to adjust the tolerances and further increase the yield. Engineer quickly recalculated part nominal to re-center assembly nominal. Tolerance values of top contributors quickly adjusted to reduce scrap and rework.

APPLICATION – Motor Interlock

Objective: Address the fit of the motor module on the safety step of this component of an x-ray device.

Results: CETOL 6σ determined that the fit of the safety interlock in the motor control module was acceptable. This is a critical safety feature on the equipment; GD and T software aided analysis necessary for industry approval of the design.