Industry Applications – Automotive

Application – Injector Axis

Objective: CETOL 6σ used to the design change required to shorten line for injector axis and to represent true length of  feature.


automotive industry app


Application – Manifold Seals-V Block Engine

Objective: CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis software was used to evaluate clearance between critical features for head assembly and manifold sealing surfaces


– Highly non-linear assembly problem

– Consider joints biased in opposite directions to address “keystone” condition of the manifold between the heads
– Analyze sensitivities of assembly constraints and critical dimensions to key characteristic measurements including engine block fabrication tooling datums and manufacturing process steps


Application  – Door Latch Assembly

Objective: See if application of CETOL 6σ software would shorten analysis time and save money


– Up to 60 hours per design on simple stack-up analyses.  Conservative in tolerance application

– Multiple prototype iterations costs thousands of dollars and meant numerous weeks added to production time

– Door latch mechanism could potentially send a signal to the instrument panel that the latch on the door was locked when it was not; significant safety concern


 – Less time spent on analysis
 – Designs are free of surprises
 – Able to relax tolerances in some areas
 – Customers have increased confidence
 – Able to deliver designs on-time
 – Hundreds of thousands of dollars saved annually

Application  – Gearbox

Objective: Ensure correct performance of gearbox and beat competitors to market with a more innovative, higher-quality product

Results: CETOL 6σ allowed the customer to analyze the shift mechanism in a 1/3 of the usual time. Able to predict of failure modes, correct application of GD&T and improved design confidence