CETOL 6σ for SOLIDWORKS Awarded Certified Gold Status by DS SolidWorks Corp.

Fully integrated 3-D tolerance analysis software solution for engineering and design teams recognized by SolidWorks as a Certified Gold Product

CETOL 6σ Awarded Certified Gold Status by DS SolidWorks Corp.McKinney, TX
– January 26, 2016 – Sigmetrix, today announced that its CETOL 6σ for SOLIDWORKS®, a fully integrated 3-D tolerance analysis software solution for engineering and design teams, has been awarded Certified Gold status by DS SolidWorks Corp.

As a SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner product, CETOL 6σ for SOLIDWORKS marries the power and functionality of SOLIDWORKS’s parametric design capabilities with the precise calculations and advanced mathematical technologies of CETOL 6σ. Users can utilize seamless integration, complete with full model associativity, to visualize the potential impact that tolerance changes will have on their overall assembly. This single-window integration of CETOL 6σ for SOLIDWORKS allows users to analyze and improve their designs faster than ever, and because changes made to the tolerances automatically update the CAD data they can be assured their improvements are correctly incorporated within the design definition and hence the final product.

Andy Beeson, Principal Engineer, utilizes CETOL 6σ for SOLIDWORKS at Smiths Medical. “CETOL 6σ leverages the power of SOLIDWORKS to perform sophisticated, integrated studies of mechanical and manufacturing variation,” he explained.  “It expands upon variation analysis studies that spreadsheets cannot perform in 3 dimensions.”

CETOL 6σ is unique from other solutions on the market. It is the only 3D tolerance analysis solution integrated within SOLIDWORKS. CETOL 6σ uses a direct mathematical method that enables users to see the results of their tolerance changes immediately rather than having to rerun simulations each time. CETOL 6σ allows companies in virtually all industries to gain profound insight into the behavior of their products. Whether it’s a powertrain being designed in the automotive industry, or a medical device, or a wind turbine, CETOL 6σ for SOLIDWORKS is the dominant solution for tolerance analysis throughout the world. It is an ideal tool for many other industries as well, including aerospace and defense, heavy industry, HVAC, consumer products, safety, security, and electronics.

“Sigmetrix has been a valued SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner since 2008 with their tolerance analysis software CETOL 6σ,” said Suchit Jain, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks. “CETOL 6σ is now a SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Product. Sigmetrix attained this significant designation by meeting the stringent SOLIDWORKS criteria for fully integrated interoperable functionality, quality, industry expertise, and high levels of customer satisfaction.”

“This Gold Certification recognizes the highest level of integration of CETOL 6σ for SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software. The tight integration accelerates the entire design to manufacturing cycle, allowing for increased productivity, a more robust product that hits the market sooner, and reduced costs,” says Chris Wilkes, President and CEO of Sigmetrix.

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