Sigmetrix Adds Two New Courses Within Their Computer-Based Training Curriculum Portfolio

Sigmetrix extends their digital training portfolio, adds two new Computer-Based courses: Tolerance Analysis Fundamentals and GD&T Overview.

MCKINNEY, Texas – December 20, 2022 – Sigmetrix, experts in mechanical variation management, announced today the availability of two new courses within their Computer-Based Training Portfolio.  Our new training portfolio is showcased on in our new training platform — Our goal is to raise employee skill levels through industry expert-led training,” said James Stoddard, President, and CEO of Sigmetrix. “Our outcome-based training provides the resources necessary for generating an improvement plan and will also provide the knowledge necessary to execute on it.”

The new Tolerance Analysis Fundamentals is our Computer-Based version of the 2-day instructor-led course. In this course, students learn how to perform tolerance analyses using Worst-case and statistical techniques with both directly-tolerance dimensions (i.e. +\- tolerances,) and geometric tolerancing (GD&T per ASME and GPS per ISO). For geometric tolerances, methods for considering the effects of additional, or “bonus”, tolerance resulting from the application of material modifiers as well as Datum Feature Shift are covered in detail. Also covered is how to incorporate the effects of clearances between parts.

Through progressive exercises, students will be able to learn industry specific problems. In addition, a comparison between “manual” analyses vs. the use of a 1D stack-up software tool is also presented.

The new GD&T Overview presents an overview of core topics of GD&T including why GD&T is needed,  how it differs from +/- techniques, the fundamentals rules, datums and datum reference frames, an overview of the types of controls and their associated symbols, legal issues relating to drawings and models, and the implications of GD&T on the business.

The GD&T Overview is available in two forms. Both forms cover the same set of slides. The longer version spanning 2.5 hours provides far more explanation on many of the topics and is more appropriate for a deeper knowledge and understanding of GD&T compared to the shorter, 1 hour version.

“We’re excited to offer these additional courses in an e-learning format to reach people who find it difficult to participate in one of our instructor-led courses for various reasons,” states Stephen Werst, Director of Customer Success & Product. “One of our core objectives as a company is to help everyone in the organization have better recognition of the importance of understanding the impact of dimensional variation and the benefits of using GD&T/GPS to document the requirements as unambiguously as possible.”

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Sigmetrix’s has been helping companies produce better products through mechanical variation management for over 25 years. Mechanical variation is a reality of manufacturing and assembly processes. Companies who successfully manage this variation reap many competitive benefits. Sigmetrix can help:

  • Maximize the return on your MBD/MBE investment
  • Improve profitability by balancing product quality with manufacturing cost
  • Achieve faster time to market by reducing design and prototype cycles
  • Deliver more innovative products through better understanding of mechanical variation
  • Capture, transfer, and retain critical product and process knowledge

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