Sigmetrix to Sponsor the 5th ASQ Quality 4.0 Summit

Experts in mechanical variation management to share how to improve profitability by balancing product quality with manufacturing cost

MCKINNEY, Texas – October 19, 2021 – Sigmetrix, experts in mechanical variation management, announced they will sponsor the ASQ Quality 4.0 Summit to be held virtually October 25-27, 2021.  The Quality 4.0 Summit has given quality professionals unique insight into how the new digital frontier can better inform, drive and innovate quality standards within an organization. Visitors to the show are invited to experience how Sigmetrix’ offerings complement and enhance their quality initiatives.  

When it comes to mass produced products, mechanical variation is a reality, and can cause problems down the line if not managed properly. Traditionally, companies would respond reactively once parts are produced, but Sigmetrix helps companies that strive to improve their methods of managing the impact of mechanical variation on their products in several key areas. We can help your company:

  • Make designs more robust to manufacturing variation​
  • Quickly iterate to find dimensional controls for desired quality​
  • Make cost-effective process decisions​
  • Determine impact and action for “out of spec” parts​
  • Assist with sustaining engineering and cost reduction efforts
  • Provide consistency of data and understanding throughout the process​

Sigmetrix is dedicated to helping their customers design better products through mechanical variation management. They are global leaders in tolerance analysis and GD&T authoring software, as well as training and consulting on topics of mechanical variation, GD&T, and dimensional management.  These products and services enable companies to better understand the impact of manufacturing variations on their designs, facilitating the ability to make more objective cost and quality decisions, achieving faster time to market, and delivering more innovative products.  Their products include:

  • CETOL 6σ, a 3D tolerance analysis solution that works with designs from PTC Creo, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA V5-6, and NX CAD systems
  • GD&T Advisor, an interactive tool that provides expert guidance on the correct application of GD&T / GPS consistent with either the ASME or ISO standards
  • EZtol, a standalone 1-D tolerance stackup analysis tool that works with CATIA, NX, and SOLIDWORKS. EZtol has also been adopted as the embedded 1-D tolerance stackup tool by PTC for inclusion in PTC® Creo® and by Autodesk for inclusion in Autodesk® Inventor®.
  • Training provided through more than a dozen instructor-led and computer-based courses covering basic to advanced GD&T/GPS, MBE, and MBD
  • Consulting and implementation services team with years of experience in tolerance analysis and GD&T definition offers a variety of consulting services to augment your team, speed your project along and run analyses for your assemblies

At the 2021 Quality 4.0 Summit, attendees will engage in learning and networking activities to increase their understanding and awareness of the current state of 4.0 adoption, and what it means for their organizations, teams, and future as a quality professionals. Attendees will be enjoy discussions focused on effective ways to integrate the people, process, and technology of their organizations into an overall digital transformation strategy wherever they may be on their transformation journey.

If attending you will want to see our Quick Hit presentation “Tolerance Analysis – a critical link connecting product requirements with part-level specifications” on Monday, October 25, 2021 at 2:15 PM CDT.  This presentation will demonstrate how fast the analysis process can be when using models containing Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) and how the resulting analysis model can be used to make better decisions throughout the product lifecycle.

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