Sigmetrix’ GD&T Advisor to be integrated into PTC Creo 4.0

It was early on Wednesday when Paul Sagar, VP of Product Management at PTC,  presented a preview of Creo 4.0 at LiveWorx 2016. PTC and Sigmetrix have partnered together so that GD&T Advisor will be embedded directly within PTC Creo 4. With a clear goal of not just Model Based Definition, but a Model Based Enterprise this partnership will make Sigmetrix’ powerful GD&T Advisor technology available to more people and make it more intuitive. This will allow for sharing information semantically downstream, bridging the gap between designing, manufacturing and assembly.

Here is the whole presentation, the comments and preview of the GD&T Advisor extension begin at the 1:35 mark.

Let’s start with model base enterprise. More and more customers are struggling with the burden of working in a 2D-centric environment. Incorrect information or misinterpreted information is resulting in scrap parts or products failures. Inside of the engineering department the enterprise is struggling with missing information or inconsistency between information resulting in wasted time and effort in trying to track that information down. Creo 4 sees a huge investment in addressing these issues. Closing the gaps between ASME and ISO standards, streamlining workflows, stepping the user through the process of adding this rich PMI information onto their 3D models. Now working with our partners at Sigmetrix we’re also introducing a new GD&T Advisor extension that will guide the user through the process of adding his rich semantic GD&T information onto his designs. It will educate the user on the correct and appropriate GD&T for the selected geometry, eliminating the risk of incorrect information. It will also validate that the rich semantic information is correct and conforms to the appropriate standards and will also validate that your model is fully constrained. Reducing the risk of misinterpretation or missing information. Enabling your business to be more productive and create higher quality products.”