Sigmetrix and Advanced Dimensional Management Join Forces to Expand GD&T and MBD Training Offerings

Advanced Dimensional Management - A Division of SigmetrixAdvanced Dimensional Management to become a division of Sigmetrix

MCKINNEY, Texas – January 10, 2017 – Sigmetrix and Advanced Dimensional Management today announced they have joined forces to expand GD&T training and consulting services. Sigmetrix and Advanced Dimensional Management will work together to educate and train users on GD&T, Tolerance Analysis, Model-Based Definition, Model-Based Enterprise, and PMI along with the software training that Sigmetrix already offered for their products to help customers improve designs, processes, and their bottom line.

Advanced Dimensional Management is an industry leader for Training and Consulting in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), Tolerance Analysis, Dimensional Management, 3D Model-Based Definition and Model-Based Enterprise, Design Quality and related topics to companies worldwide. The company founder, Bryan R. Fischer, is an internationally recognized author, expert, ASME Certified Senior Level GD&T Professional, and a member of many international ASME and ISO standards committees involved with GD&T, 3D processes, STEP and other engineering standards. Fischer has written many books on GD&T, Tolerance Analysis, 3D MBD and Engineering Standards.

Sigmetrix is a global leader in providing precise, easy-to-use mechanical variation analysis and geometric tolerance authoring software. Companies worldwide are transitioning to become Model-Based Enterprises where all of the important product design information is captured within the CAD data files via Model-Based Definition. GD&T education, and the correct application of it to design models, is an integral part of moving towards becoming a Model-Based Enterprise.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Bryan Fischer and Advanced Dimensional Management. We are the global leaders in GD&T, and our software definitely ensures the correct application of GD&T to users models, but the expertise and training that ADM can provide will ensure that our customers will have everything they need from one source,” said Chris Wilkes, President and CEO of Sigmetrix. “Many of our customers and website inquiries are looking for GD&T Training, not for our software, but for the fundamentals of GD&T. It isn’t something covered extensively in the Mechanical Engineering university programs, so there is usually a knowledge gap for MEs.”

“Sigmetrix offers excellent software solutions that are exactly what many of my students need. I have worked closely with the Sigmetrix team over the years, and joining the two companies is a great thing for the customers of both Sigmetrix and Advanced Dimensional Management. After training or consulting and getting the students up to speed, the Sigmetrix software solutions make the application of GD&T and the process of running tolerance analyses easier, faster, and most importantly more accurate,” stated Bryan Fisher, founder of Advanced Dimensional Management.

Sigmetrix plans to roll out some new and expanded training and consulting services in the coming weeks. Information will be posted on both and


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